Senior Netball

  • Amazing offer from F45 Chatswood!

    Our friends at F45 Chatswood have put together another amazing offer for Rangers players and community members. Take a look below and get in touch with them to take up the offer now…
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    Welcome Chatswood RSL

    Welcome to Chatswood RSL as the club’s major sponsor for the 2019 season! Sharing similar values of community support and development, we are extremely delighted to have Chatswood RSL join the Rangers family. With their valuable support will see all netball players and senior football playing in the new uniforms next year. Junior football will […]
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    New Uniforms

    Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Chatswood RSL, senior and junior netball players and senior football players will be using brand new uniforms for the 2019 season! We are sure you will agree that the new kit looks fantastic and will get us off to a roaring start to the season.
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  • Senior Netball Overview

    Registration for the 2020 Season is now open.

    Fees for Senior Netball are $260 per player (inc GST).

    Go to the registration page to register.

    Registrations close Friday 28th February .

    2020 Season Info

    Season commences Saturday 28th March .

    Season concludes Saturday 5th September.

    Senior Games are between 12:45pm – 4:15pm

    Senior Netball Presentation Saturday 19th September 2020, 2:00pm – 5:00pm


    Seniors train collectively on Monday nights
    7:00-8:30pm Starting 24th February 2020
    Bicentennial Reserve Courts – COURT 3
    1 Small St Willoughby


    Monday Nights 7-8pm February 3rd , 10th & 17th
    Bicentennial Reserve Courts – COURT 3
    1 Small St Willoughby



    Position Name Contact
    Senior Netball Secretary/Coordinator Brigid Daly
    Umpire Coordinator Lyn Wells

    You can also join the closed Senior Netball Facebook Group.

    Download the Statement by a supplier form here. 

    Code of Conduct

    Everyone involved with the Club should make themselves familiar with the Code of Conduct.


  • Senior Netball Registration

    Registration for the 2020 season is now open.

    To register as a senior netball player


  • Senior Netball Umpires

    Rangers provides umpires for all junior and senior matches.  All umpires who receive payment must complete the Payment to Supplier with no ABN form.

    Senior Umpires : Saturday afternoon matches 12:45pm to 4:15pm.  Senior umpires must be 16 years + or hold the National C Badge.  Senior umpires earn $20 per match.

    Convenor: Lyn Wells

    What is involved?

    All umpires attain a 70% pass mark and keep the Netball Australia Rules of Netball online exam current. Please send the junior or senior umpire convenor copy of the certificate.  This course costs $10.48 and runs through the rules.  We suggest having the rule book open on another tab to refer to.  The exam is timed but you can attempt it as many times as you need to.  The Rules of Netball Certificate is valid for 4 years and must be re-sat when expired.

    It is strongly recommended to attend the NSNA Junior Red Robin Umpire Session.  The course is free but you must register on the NSNA website under the umpire tab. 

    On Game Day:

    • Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the game
    • Print your name clearly on the umpire sign on sheet before the match
    • Check sidelines for obstacles, you should not have to go onto the court to avoid drink bottles/bags/spectators
    • Introduce yourself to the other umpire – you guys are a team!
    • Check nails, jewellery, no elastic bands or bracelets etc – note piercings must be removed and cannot be covered by tape.
    • Captains must do the toss and advise you of the outcome
    • At the end of each quarter, meet the other umpire in the middle of the court or talk with your mentor – also on the court.

    Umpire Development

    The key things for a new umpire are loud and clear voice, loud and clear whistle, decisive calls, (it doesn’t matter if they are not quite the right calls), keeping up with the game (running down the sideline and round the base line).

    Umpire development forms a big part of being an umpire and the girls really enjoy the challenge to see if they can get levelled at least once in the season.  Umpiring is a fabulous way for a player to develop an understanding of the rules and as such be better players themselves. There are umpire coaching opportunities throughout the season, we are lucky to have the support of very experienced National C badge umpires to guide our girls.

    Assessment Grades

    If we don’t have one of the required grades ourselves we need to borrow matches from other clubs who are also trying to level their umpires.  Please be patient as it is not always possible to borrow other club's matches. Sometimes borrowed matches for levelling are unpaid as different clubs have different payment structures and some don’t pay at all.  Junior levels are attained by players U15 and below.  Senior levels by players 16 and over playing in senior grades.

    SL2 are recommended to wear whites and umpire B5/C3/C4/C5/D1 to attain this senior level.

    SL1 must wear whites and umpire B3/B4/B5/C1/C2 to attain this senior level


    National C Badge

    Juniors need to umpire 14A or 15A.  Sunday umpiring of a Rep Carnival or several is required to gain the required high level match experience, as well as passing the online Foundation Umpire Course.  Foundation is a paid course on MyNetball and contains five modules to complete.  Senior umpires who want to attain National C badge must also attend a rep carnival and are assessed on A3/A4/B1/B2 level.

    It is possible to attain more than one level in one season if we get the required matches and opportunities and depending on the availability of the umpire and mentors.  We are also asked to help other clubs from time to time. Any court time is valuable experience and the all the club umpire convenors at NSNA work very closely together supporting each other to have matches covered.  Remember umpires are UNBIASED so are expected umpire any team to the same standard as they would their own club.  

    No umpire = match forfeit! 

    Please contact one of the convenors if you have any questions or would like to join the roster. 

  • Senior Netball Managers Coaches


    Although we would love to be able to appoint a coach to each team, it can be quite challenging to find these coaches.  If you, a parent, partner or friend are interested in coaching a team – whether it be a senior or junior team, we would love to hear from you!

    You will be giving players the best chance of developing and furthering their skills in the game and may motivate them to go to further heights than they thought they were able.

    There are several clinics during the season for to coach the coaches and the Club will subsidise the cost of any clinic or accreditation course attended and also provide any other support needed to help you help our members.


    Each team MUST have a Team Manager in Seniors - this is often a player on your team. The main responsibilities of the Manager is to ensure you have enough players each week, bring the kit bag to games and to ensure each player on your team has a BLUE ID card at every game.

    Please consult the checklist & responsibilities below for further information.

    A team manager roughly gives 1 hour a week to management responsibilities during game season.






  • Senior Netball NSNA

    The NSNA website contains information regarding Fixtures & Result, Wet Weather Information, NSNA Events and various other information.