Rangers RAP – 21/06/2024

June 21, 2024

We are very lucky at Rangers to be supported by an amazing group of sponsors and partners. While many of our sponsors and partners provide support by way of funds, they also offer support beyond just money and provide advice and services to the Club and our members.

One of our new partners this year, Movement 101 Chatswood, are Physiotherapists, Podiatrists & Exercise Physiologists and are ready to support our members with treatment, recovery and ongoing preventative care. As experts in their field, they are well placed to provide ongoing advice to our Club. Below is the first such piece of advice, focused on Strength and Conditioning.

If you require any Physiotherapists, Podiatrists & Exercise Physiologists services, please reach out to the team at Movement 101 and they will take great care of you.


A message from Movement 101:

“I play football/netball so I don’t really need to do strength exercises because I run a lot”. Sound familiar? Whilst playing football and netball are very good for your fitness and will build some strength, we need to start to shift the narrative that playing football/netball alone is enough for strength and conditioning. So let the myth busting begin.

Load and strength sit on a “see-saw” with our load being our sport and our strength being the capacity of our muscles. Our goal should be to always have our strength be at a higher capacity than the demands of our sport in order to prevent injury. If that see-saw falls in the other direction, we’re putting ourselves at risk of injury on the field.

Strength training (also known as resistance training) involves muscles contracting under load in order to achieve hypertrophy of the muscle fibres (increase your muscle mass). This ranges from just using body weight to machines and free weights at the gym. Identifying areas of improvement and formulating a program which progressively overloads these muscles are the best way to achieve these results.

As per the Australian Department of Health, the strength recommendations for kids/ teenagers and adults are as follows:

  • Kids and Teenagers: (5-17 years old)
    • Kids and teenagers should have 60mins of exercise everyday. Strength should be a component of that exercise at least 3 times a week.
  • Adults: (18-64 years old)
    • Strength training should be performed at a minimum of 2 times a week

If you haven’t done strength training before, it can seem intimidating. But this shouldn’t be a barrier to us keeping our bodies healthy and improving our performance on the field. If you want to learn how to lift weights safely and have a program curated to your personal needs, book in a session with our physiotherapists or exercise physiologists. Our goal is for you to feel confident with strength training so it can become a lifelong habit – even well past your football playing days.

Movement101 is located at 2/1A Freeman Road, Chatswood (right behind Chatswood High School).
You can book an appointment here, or give them a call on 7205 7339

junior football

With the school holidays and sickness doing the rounds, please make contact with other age group managers if you need to borrow players to ensure you field a full team.  All managers should have the contact list.

Spectator Etiquette

During my visits to the grounds, I have noticed that some spectators stand on the sideline and can often impede the game.  Can everyone be mindful of this and stand at least 1 meter back from the sideline.  Parents and spectators should stand on the opposite side of the field to the coach/manager and substitute players.

Being considerate of the players and referee in this way will prevent players from potentially injuring themselves or a spectator.

Player Attire

A reminder to all players and parents.  Hats are not to be worn by players during the game.  The only exception is the goalkeeper (if the sun is in their eyes).  Please ensure we stick to this rule, to prevent potential injury to players during the game.

Around the Grounds

And here’s a throwback photo to 2020 which was this bunch of player’s first season. It’s great to see them all still playing, and the majority are still at Rangers.

July School Holidays

With the July school holidays around the corner, just a reminder of the following.

  • You will have games on the weekend of 6/7th July.
  • There will be no training from Monday 8th to Friday 12th July.
  • There are no games on the weekend of 12/13th July.
  • Normal training resumes Monday 14th July.
  • You will have games on the weekend of 19/20th July.

Vision Holiday Camps and Clinics

Rangers members get 10% so register soon before spaces fill up. Use code CRFC10


Volunteers needed!

The club will be looking for volunteers in the coming months for events we will be coordinating and for the new season.  It would be great if we could get more people involved to ensure the ongoing progress of the club.  If you are interested, please email juniorfootball@chatswoodrangers.com.au.



junior netball

The sun was shining brightly last Sunday as our Net Set Go teams took the courts. Thank you to the girls who filled in for other teams when some of our players had a school event to attend.

School Holidays

There is one more week of training and games on 28, 29, 30 June and then we break for the school holidays. After the holidays, training will resume on Wed 24 July for games on the weekend of 26 – 28 July.


Congratulations to Aly, Sarah & Sophie for scoring free tickets to the NSW Giants game last Sunday – GO GIANTS!

Don’t forget to send a photo of you or your team in action along with a caption, for your chance to win tickets to an upcoming NSW Giants game.

Send your photos to juniornetball@chatswoodrangers.com.au

Thank you to the Giants commercial cleaning partner, Essential Facilities Services (www.essentialfs.com.au) for providing these tickets!

senior football

We have passed the half way mark and fortunately are starting to get less matches cancelled with the rain. Access to a synthetic field is definitely a benefit of playing at Rangers!

With wash-out matches still to be played, NSFA are advising teams to look for opportunities to play on weeknights in place of training sessions. Team managers should get in touch with their opposition to organise this where they can.

Congratulations to our Mens AA2 squad who continue to lead the Division 2 table and won their first match in the Damian Mile Cup. If you would like to see them in action in the second round of the Cup, they play West Pymble on Tuesday 2nd July at Chatswood High School with kick off at 7:30pm. Let’s get behind the boys and cheer them on to another win.

And let’s get as many of you along to Trivia Night as possible…get your tickets now!




Tickets are now on sale for the Rangers Trivia Night. Full details are available in the online shop where you can purchase your tickets, so get a table of 8 together and don’t miss out on one of the best social nights of the year!



There is a wide selection of items in the Rangers Shop suitable for players and spectators. Many items have now started to sell out so some sizes are no longer available. If there is something you are desperate to purchase and it is out of stock, send an email to shop@chatswoodrangers.com.au and we will see if Besteam have any in their warehouse.



Thank you to all our amazing sponsors. Take a look at our Sponsors Page to see what our Sponsors offer to Rangers Members.