Q: When and where are weekend games played?

A: For the younger age groups (e.g. U6, U7, U8, U9) all games are played at grounds in the local area, with mixed team playing early on Saturday morning (typically 8.30am to 10.30am) and girls on Sunday at approximately the same times. For example, games are played at Bales Park in Willoughby, Blackman Park in Lane Cove and Tunks Park in Cammeray. Older age groups usually play later in the morning, mostly in the local area however there may be some travel involved to clubs in the northern part of the association.

Q: Which night is training and what time does it start?

A: Training nights are largely determined by the team allocation, the availability of the volunteer coach (usually a parent) and the preference of the majority of the team. This is confirmed following the end of the registration and team allocation process, usually at the end of February.

MiniRoos teams (U6 to U11) will be training on either Monday or Tuesday, depending on their team allocation.

Q: What if the training night does not suit?

A: If a player is not available to train on the night allocated due to another commitment, the player can switch to another team if there is space available and/or a player from that team is willing to swap.

If no alternative arrangement can be found a player can de-register and, if the registration fee has been paid, it will be refunded in full if requested prior to the start of the competition season.

Q: Do players need to attend training?

A: We strongly encourage all players to attend training as not only does it improve skills, combination with teammates and help to understand the coach’s approach and tactics, attending training is also an important part of showing good sportsmanship. Players should not just show up for games but also make a commitment to train, as every other player does.

However, if there is a prior commitment or occasional absence from training that would not be an issue, although as a courtesy this should be discussed with the coach and/or manager of the team prior to training.

Q: Is the team uniform all a player needs?

A: No. All players will be required to purchase their own football boots and shinguards, which are available from major sporting goods stores (e.g. Rebel Sport in Chatswood Westfield, Kingsgrove Sports in Artarmon).

For safety and insurance purposes players are not permitted to take the field without shinguards being in place.

Q: Where can team uniforms be purchased from?

A : Uniform items will be sold via the online store on this website.

Q: The registration fee seems high. What does it cover?

A: The registration fee covers player insurance, ground hire for training and competition matches, equipment, NSFA registration fees, professional coaching and club administration costs (e.g. the website). Most of the fee basically covers the cost of each player participating in football.

The football season runs over 6 months and three school terms. When compared to other activities such as swimming and musical instrument lessons, it is very reasonably priced at approximately $5 per week.

Our fees compare very favourably with other local football clubs. The professional coaching is an added benefit that players do not have to pay any additional money for and is covered by the existing registration fee.