At the inaugural meeting held in the school room at Mowbray Public School on Wednesday 10th July 1963, Mr Jack N.C. Gay addressed the issue of a shortage of soccer teams available to local children. A junior soccer team had been run by Mr Bob Watts under the name of “The Northern Rovers” but Mr Watts was not able to continue with this. Mr Gay had approached Mowbray Public School ‘s Headmaster, Mr H. L. Parker whose inquiries from the school children revealed a strong interest in both cricket and soccer. With such an enthusiastic response from both parents and children, it was decided to form a sports club for boys and girls.

At the Committee Meeting on 8th August 1963, a number of names were put forward for the club. These names were as a result of a survey of local children and parents. While initially no suitable name was forthcoming, the committee agreed to adopt the name “Vanguard”. Vanguard was later changed to Mowbray Rovers Sports Club, and at a later meeting on 30th August 1963, this was changed to “The Rangers Sports Club”. It was decided the club colours would be Royal Blue and White and a dragon ship would be the club’s ensignia.

In an attempt to gather more support from the local community, and to firm up where the club was based, the name “Chatswood Rangers Sports Club” was put forward and passed by vote in 1988. The original insignia was updated in 1997 and was designed by a well known member of the soccer club, Joe Butler. Joe liked the insignia so much that he has it tattooed on his chest! The new insignia was used first by the senior soccer teams and then by the junior soccer teams as well as netball teams.

The founding office bearers were:

President – Mr A.A.Herbert

Vice President – Mr J.N.C. Gay Secretary

Mrs. Gladys Tapper Treasurer

Mr B. Scott Teams Manager

Mr J.N.C. Gay Committee Members

Mr John Farac

Mrs Margaret Gay

Mr Peter Mullins

Mr Ken Stacey

Mr Cyril Williams.

At a subsequent meeting, Mr. G. Mortimer was appointed the official Publicity Officer of the Club.

The first fund raising event was to be a variety concert suggested by Mr Enzo Toppano who offered to approach leading television and radio stars to participate. Due to the work of Enzo, he was elected as an Honorary Vice President.

The first AGM of the Ranger’s Sports Club was held at Mowbray Public School on the 31st July 1964. In its first year the Club formed teams for cricket and soccer with the soccer teams consisting Under 9 (x2), Under 10, Under 12 & Under 14.

Rangers commenced with the North Western Soccer Association in 1966. Basketball was initially played in the Baptist Women’s Association and then netball in the Northern Suburbs Association in 1966. In 1974 Rangers Netball moved to Hallstrom Park, Naremburn.

By 1987, Rangers consisted of cricket, athletics, table tennis, basketball, netball and soccer teams.

Chatswood Rangers Sports Club currently has in excess of 700 members across football and netball. Based on senior premierships, Rangers is the most successful football club in the Northern Suburbs Football Association with 27 titles and have won many titles in the Northern Suburbs Netball Association.