FS8 Studio

FS8 is a brand new training concept with low impact, yet big results combining Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Yoga and Body tone all in one. It’s low impact, but will still deliver amazing results for weight loss, overall body definition as well as mobility.

These aren’t new training styles, but the combination of the 3 into one workout means you can get the benefits of them without needing multiple gym memberships.  The programming at FS8 is designed for results with leading experts in the Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Space.


FS8 Reform – 50% Reformer Pilate, 50% Tone and Mat Pilates


FS8 Dynamic – Combination of all 3 modalities (Reformer, Tone and Mat Pilates)


FS8 Ultra – Hybrid workout incorporating our 4 key modalities (Reformer Pilates, Tone, Mat Pilates and Power Yoga)


FS8 Restore – Slow and steady recovery session incorporating Yoga Flows, Stretching, Foam Rolling, Trigger Ball Work and more!

These sessions are programmed throughout the week to deliver a well-rounded training program to test yourself and to get results. Within each of these days, there are also multiple types of training sessions which will keep it fresh and fun each week!

For more information or to come and try us out at Chatswood, email Chatswood@fs8studio.com.au or visit our website: https://fs8.com/chatswood/home