Football NSW Insurance & Personal Accident Insurance Information 2014

FNSW is pleased to provide this important information for all Branches, Associations, Clubs, Futsal Clubs and Referee Branches.


There are four new insurance documents attached which will apply in 2014. 

    FNSW Personal Injury Insurance flyer 2014
    Personal Accident Claim Form
    2014 Match Day Checklist
    ES Sports Programme Summary

    These have been developed for Football NSW by our new brokers JLT.


    The new self-completing Liberty International Certificates of Currency for Public Liability will also be available on the new JLT website from 1 January 2014 onwards.

    A separate email was sent to all clubs/associations/branches and referee branches on 19/12/13 with a copy of the COC template and further information regarding this.



    JLT has developed a new insurance website for FNSW and its membership.

    All clubs/associations/branches/referee branches are requested to place the new URL on your website for easy access by your members to insurance information

    The new website will go live on 1 January 2014.

    Members will also be able to access the new JLT website via the FNSW Insurance link located under Corporate in the footer menu of the FNSW website at

    If you have any queries regarding the insurance please refer to the new JLT website at the first instance or contact your Association, Branch or Football NSW.