Netball Managers Checklist

Pre Competition

1. Confirm all players and parents in your team are aware of playing times and sign-on details

2. Confirm all players and parents have the necessary contact information of the team manager, coach and teammates

3. Obtain the contact details of the other team managers and club officials (for example if there is a need to borrow a player from another team)

4. Collect the kit bag (or make other arrangements)

5. Confirm all players have the correct club uniform


1. Check wet weather status (if applicable)

2. Check the status of team i.e. confirm there are enough players to take the court and make arrangements if short (therefore need to ensure an understanding of the “playing up” rules)

3. Confirm all equipment is available, in conjunction with the coach (i.e. balls, playing patches, first aid, pump & needle)

4. Collect and complete the score sheet (each player must have signed prior to game start time)


1. Sign the score sheet and return to the NSNA Admin Room

2. Collect equipment and the ball

3. Notify the relevant club contact of any problems/issues – grounds, injuries, players who have played up or general issues