Junior Netball Season Information


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Each year Chatswood Rangers Junior Netball Club enters teams in the Northern Suburbs Netball Association competition. The competition is played during the winter months, with games usually commencing in late March or early April and running through until August or September, depending on the age group. Please note games are typically not scheduled for school holidays.

The games are played on Friday nights and Saturday mornings at two main venues:

  • for players in teams 10-years-old and above games are played at the NSNA netball courts at Small St Willoughby (adjacent to the Willoughby Leisure Centre)
  • for younger girls under 10 years old playing in what is now known as NetSetGO! (formerly Nettas), games will be played at two venues: The Greens at North Sydney and North Sydney Girls High School. This is a change from previous years.

Here is a link to the proposed 2018 NSNA Calendar, with the key dates listed further below.

Welcome to Chatswood Rangers Junior Netball for 2018

What a fantastic game netball is. Not only is it played throughout Australia and New Zealand but also many other parts of the world as diverse as Africa, Asia, the UK and Europe, North America and the Caribbean. It doesn’t matter what level of skill or fitness you have or whether or not you have played before. Did you know that netball is the team sport with the most number of participants in Australia, not just among females but for both genders?

Netball leads to improved fitness levels and also encourages the learning ball skills and helps develop teamwork. Just as importantly players make new friends, improve their co-ordination and increase their self-confidence whilst having a lot of fun at the same time.

At Chatswood Rangers we’re passionate about our daughters, their friends and other local children having a strong and viable local community sporting club to represent. We have girls from a large number of local primary and high schools playing for the club, including Artarmon, Chatswood, Lane Cove West, Mowbray, Roseville, WGHS and many others. We feel that Chatswood Rangers can offer a smaller, friendlier and more personal club, with the opportunity for the players to learn under the BEST coaches and umpires in the game. As Rangers is a community rather than school club it gives the players the chance to meet girls from other schools and thus make many new friends.

Our main focus is grassroots participation and encouraging girls to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by participating in a team sport activity, particularly as they move into their teenage years. We’re always proud of our players who make the representative teams and go on to win local awards, as several Rangers players and officials have done in recent years.

Chatswood Rangers is not only a friendly community club but we’re also very competitive on the court! With 150 Junior players and 17 teams in 2017, we’re big enough to offer players of all abilities a challenging experience on the court. Of the 13 competition teams last season (NB the four NSG teams did not play for points) 10 made the semi-finals, 7 made the grand final and 4 finished as premiers (U10D, U10G, U11E and U15C).

With the changing demographic of the local area we’re also working to encourage a greater cultural diversity within the club.


(a) How does junior netball work?   

Junior netball is a winter sport mainly running in terms 2 & 3.

However in advance of the season:

·     there is a selection process (grading) which serves to form and register the teams;

·     followed by pre-season training sessions so the girls understand the basics of the game and get to know their teammates before the actual competition commences .

Please note that all girls who register will be placed in a team.

The Chatswood Junior Netball Club plays in the Northern Suburbs Netball Association (NSNA) competition.

For specific NSNA competition information/rules please refer to the NSNA website (see tab under Junior Netball)


(b) How do I register?   

Winter Season commences Friday 6th April 2018

It’s time to register for the Winter Competition.

Fees :  The 2018 registration fees for Chatswood Rangers Juniors Players will increase to $200 from $195 (+2.5%). This is the first time registration fees have been increased in several years and is due to rising costs e.g. higher NSNA and Netball NSW registration fees, court hire, etc.

Note: There is a 50% discount for the 3rd child and any subsequent children in a family will be FREE.  This applies across football and netball.  If your family qualifies for the discount in one sport only the online system will automatically process the discount, however if you qualify across 2 sports, please DO NOT use the on-line payment system, as it does not calculate the discount.  You can register on-line then go to the ‘pay by cheque’ or ‘mail credit card payment’ options.   

If you are aware of any child who will be prevented from playing football or netball in 2018 due to financial difficulty, please contact Michelle King on 0419 500 099.


Registration is due by Wednesday 28th February 2018.  Any registrations after this date will be at the discretion of the club. Winter registrations with the NSNA must be completed by Friday 3 March.

To make the process easier, registration and payment will be online at www.chatswoodrangers.com.au


For any problems encountered whilst registering contact admin@chatswoodrangers.com.au or our Club Secretary Brett Backhouse: brettbackhouse71@gmail.com or 0412 607 338

Girls must be turning 7 by 31st December 2018 to play

Those turning 7, 8 or 9 this year play NetSetGO! (formerly Nettas)

Those turning 10 this year play U10s netball

Those turning 11 this year play U11s netball

… etc …

Sometimes girls may be asked to ‘play up’ in a higher age group, in order to both make up team numbers and to provide more advanced players a further challenge.


(c) What are the uniform requirements? 

Please see the uniform tab on the website. Kim Jordan is the club’s Uniform Convenor (ikconsulting2@bigpond.com or mob 0406 631 460)


(d) When and where are the 2018 Selection Trials? 

The 2018 Selection Trials will be held over 3 weeks:  7th, 14th and 21st February. In the event of wet weather a date may be rescheduled.

All players are expected to make themselves available for all trials at Willoughby Netball Courts, Small Street, Willoughby, as follows:

5.30 – 6.30            NetSetGO!  (7, 8 and 9 year olds) and 10s

6.30 – 7.30            11s and 12s

7.30 – 8.00            13s, 14s and 15s

A commonly asked question is how are teams formed?   The club conducts selections over the above sessions to assess each player’s current athletic and technical abilities and how they function within a team environment. For players returning from last season the previous years coaching reports will also be taken into consideration when selection and grading is undertaken. For further information please see the club’s Grading Policy under Junior Netball Club Policies.


(e) When and where is 2018 pre-season training ?

Unless otherwise advised pre-season training will commence on Wednesday 28th February and continue each Wednesday night thereafter until the close of the season. Training will be held at Willoughby Netball Courts, Small Street, Willoughby, as follows (to be confirmed when teams and coaches are finalised)

5.30 – 6.30               (expected to be) NetSetGO!, 10s, 11s

6.30 – 7.30               (expected to be) 12s and older

Please note training is not typically held during school holidays unless specifically arranged with the individual team coach.

(f) When and where are Competition games ?

All NetSetGO! games will be held on Saturday mornings at The Greens North Sydney and North Sydney Girls High School. Please note that this is a change from previous years. Depending on the grade, games will be played any time between 8am and 1pm. However, once the team’s grade is known games will be played at the same time every Saturday.

All 10s, 11s and 12s junior games will be held on Friday nights* (approximately between 4.30pm and 7.00pm), at Willoughby Netball Courts, Small Street, Willoughby.

All U13s and above junior games will be held on Saturday mornings, at Willoughby Netball Courts, Small Street, Willoughby.

*except for U12A and U12B grades, which were played on Saturday mornings at 7.45am in 2017.

(g) How long is the season?


Season commences:      Saturday 7th April 2018

Season closes:                 Saturday 1st September  2018 (Gala Day and Presentation)

Netball 10s, 11s and 12s

Season commences:      Friday 6th April 2018

Grand Finals:                  Friday 7th September or Friday 15th September 2018 (wet weather back up date)

Netball 13s and older

Season commences:      Saturday 7th April 2018

Grand Finals:                  Saturday 8th September or Saturday 16th September 2017 (wet weather back up date)


(h) Parent Involvement   

Our Club is run by parent volunteers and everyone is encouraged to take on a role to help with organising the teams or the Club itself. Involvement in junior sport is an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience for both players and volunteers.

Volunteering also provides a good role-modelling opportunity for children.

Each team needs a coach and manager before it can be registered with the NSNA.  You can indicate your interest in coaching or managing a team via the online registration process.

It is also worth considering asking older siblings, other family member or friends to volunteer as a potential manager or coach for your children’s teams.


(i) Are there any games in the school holidays?  Typically no.

There have been some changes this year. Competition dates are:

–          Round 1: 6/7 April

–          Round 2: 13/14 April (NB: this is the first weekend of the school holidays)

NO ROUNDS ON 20/21 and 27/28 April (school holidays)

–          Round 3: 4/5 May

–          Round 4: 11/12 May

–          Round 5: 18/19 May

–          Round 6: 25/26 May (Breast Cancer Pink Round)

–          Round 7: 1/2 June – re-grade if required

NO ROUNDS ON 8/9 June (Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend)

–          Round 8: 15/16 June

–          Round 9: 22/23 June

–          Round 10: 29/30 June

NO ROUNDS ON 6/7 July, 13/14 and 20/21 July (school holidays)

–          Round 11: 27/28 July

–          Round 12: 3/4 August

–          Round 13: 10/11 August

–          Round 14: 17/18 August

–          Semifinals: 24/25 August

–          Finals: 31 August/1 September (grades to be advised)

NetSetGo Gala Day and Presentation: 1 September 

–          Grand Finals: 7/8 September (grades to be advised)

–          Grand Final Wet Weather: 14/15 September


(j) Is netball played in wet weather ? Generally not for player safety reasons.

How to check in the event of bad weather:

•             for training: teams will be advised by their managers – usually by 4.30pm that day.

•             for the competition (Friday / Saturdays): Willoughby Wet Weather line (Call 1900 920 282 to find out whether the latest round has been cancelled).  Also see the NSNA website (there is a link on this site).

Club emails will also be sent, as well as Facebook page and other social media updates.


(k) Whom do I contact if I have other queries? 

Please see the list of contact on the Chatswood Rangers website  (our club / contacts).