Senior Netball Umpires


Are you confident, like to be heard or be in control?  If this sounds like you then we have the perfect job…umpiring!

Or do you have a caring and supportive side but a fierce eye for picking up infringements?  Then you are perfect for mentoring our less qualified umpires – regardless whether you umpire yourself!

Please contact our Umpire Convenor Erin Kiley at

We all like to have umpires that know their stuff and make the right calls, but this doesn’t happen for all our games, purely because as a club we don’t have enough experienced umpires to go around.  This unfortunately impacts us all and we all need to share the load.

There is a solution, however!  Polish up those skills you learned as a junior and get back on the sideline and in control!  And receive $20 per game!

In previous years we’ve needed each team to take their fair share of umpiring duties, and this year is no different.  Each team is asked to organise 3 umpires, already qualified/experienced, willing and able to learn. These umpires don’t necessarily need to be a player on your team but could potentially be a partner, parent or friend.

But the learners will be given as much coaching/mentoring and education as possible to get you from being where you currently are to a confident and capable umpire, climbing through the Levels, during the season.

These new umpires must sit (and pass) the umpires exam online. Not having sat the exam or attended the clinic can’t be used as an excuse to not umpire, so attending the clinic and passing the exam will be of benefit to you.

In the event that your team are unable to organise umpires, we may be placed in the unfortunate position of having to source an umpire from another club to cover your team.  This could potentially cost your team up to $50 for the game, or $700 for the season.


AANA Umpires Exam

As a condition of registration, each of our players require a pass in the national umpires exam.  As previously mentioned, this is to ensure that all of us are up to date on current rules.

It is important to note that just because you will be sitting the exam doesn’t mean you will need to umpire (unless you are part of the 3 umpires/mentors for your team – as explained above).