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Update on 31 January 2018/strong>

Active Kids
The NSW Government will allocate $207 million over four years to establish Active Kids. Active Kids is a program to help NSW families meet the cost of getting their kids into sport and active fitness and recreation activities.

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Update on 27 May 2015

Rangers Sports Club Gala Day
Chatswood Oval Corner Orchard Road and Albert Avenue, Chatswood Saturday 6th June 2015

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Update on 2 February 2015

Registrations for Junior/Senior Football/Netball are now open for 2015. Please refer to your Season Information page for details.


Update on 31 July 2014

Night Netball – click here for details.


Update on 22 May 2014

For all information on the Gala Weekend in June, please click on the Events heading in the CLUB INFO tab.


Update on 4 March 2014

The Junior Football Coach/Manager evening is scheduled for Wednesday 12 March at the Willis Centre, Eastern Valley Way Castle Cove from 7pm to 8pm.


Update on 3 March 2014

2014 Junior Netball Team Lists now available here.


Update on 24 February 2014

Junior Football Friendly Matches will now be played on Sunday 16th & 23rd March.


Update on 17 February 2014:

St Pius X College (Chatswood) is holding a special football event, a World Cup Football Luncheon, at Doltone House (Pyrmont) on April 11. A fantastic guest panel in Ange Postecoglou (Head Coach -Socceroos), David Gallop (Football Federation Australia – CEO), Andy Harper (Fox Sport commentator and former NSL Championship player) and Mark Bosnich (Fox Sport commentator and former Socceroo) has been organised. Tickets include a 3-course luncheon (from an award-winning chef), all drinks, and the option to ask your burning football questions directly to the panel.

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Update on 7 February 2014:

Click Here to go to 2014 Senior Football Season Information and Registration.


Update on 6 February 2014:

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Update on 30 January 2014:

Junior Football Season 2014 Important Dates for your Diary

Saturday 1st and 8th February – Junior Licence Coaching Course (Target age group 9-13 years).  Enquiries to or contact the Club.

Sunday 17th February – Junior Registrations Closes

Sunday 2nd March – Junior Player Assessment Day (U8 and above – mixed teams only)

12th March or 13th March – Coach/Manager information meeting (TBC)

Sunday 23th March & 30th March – Junior Trial Matches Proposed

Sunday 16th & 23rd March Junior Trial Matches

Monday 24th March – Grassroots Coaching certificate (Target age group 5-9 years)

Saturday 5th April – Season commences

Weekend 19th and 26th April – No games (School Holidays/Public Holidays)

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Update on 29 January 2014:

Junior Netball Grading Dates and Online Registration Season 2014

Grading will take place on Wednesday 12, 19 and 26 February 2014 at the following times:

5.45 -6.30: Nettas  and 10s

6.30-7.30: 11s and 12s

7.15-8.15: 13s, 14s and 15s

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Update on 2 January 2014:

Football NSW Insurance & Personal Accident Insurance Information 2014

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Update on 11 December 2013:

2013 Annual General Meeting Minutes.

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Update on 22 September 2013:

TUESDAY 15th OCTOBER 2013 at 7.30pm – Annual General Meeting at Club Willoughby.

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Update on 27 August 2013:

Vision Willoughby Weight Loss Challenge – Scott Martin and Mike King

Days 9 – 15

Day 9

Wednesday AM, this has now became double day, training in the morning with my new best friend Jarred and then an evening session of boxing. Scott also has his PT session sessions on Wednesday and did his eating plan, this made the big guy smile, no need to bring the gym gear, half an hour of getting the menu together to get the best result. Jarred is very good at what he does, well according to me he is, and he has an advantage, I have never had a PT before. That’s another thing about Vision every person that trains you is a PT and you have one allocated to you as your very own, it’s a nice way to get PT’s out to the people. Usually seen as the guys that get around a gym, to busy with their own importance, these guys are nothing like it, so never be worried about it being PT training, it works and works well. Now Jarred took me through my first weight session, he is evil, but he smiles while he is doing it so it kind of makes you feel ok.

Day 9

Wednesday PM, Scott and I catch up and get ready for our Club boxing, it’s quite a nice name, Club Boxing, but it’s hard. Scott keeps complaining his hands are hurting when he hits me, got me buggered why as he hits like a girl, perhaps he has a broken finger nail that bothers him. He was doing some speed boxing and he more knocking on my pads, I said “come in” he said what? I said “come in” he said what are you talking about, I said stop knocking the pads and start punching. He works hard the big guy. While I am sure he has stories about me, he has not updated anything, so the power of the pen is mine.


Thursday is a great day, it’s an hour of walking which I decide to do early morning, It close to spring and the weather is warming up and there are a lot of nice smells out early in the morning, I assumed this was flowers etc. After walking for a while longer the smell became quite regular, and I thought that was odd for flowers. I soon realised what I was smelling, SHAMPOO, yep as I walked along I could see bathroom lights on and it was the smell of people getting ready for the day, quite strange really.

Day 11

The greatest day of all, REST DAY.


This is the first Saturday I have attended, I was alone as Scott had gala day to attend. I turned up to the Studio ( just be careful the studio is nothing more than a cover name for the place where punishment is handed out) and was sitting down waiting for the start of x training. I have explained X Training before its hell, this one was a little different, everyone started leaving the studio, running, the PT Michael, a unknown quantity to me, said, are you doing X Training, yes I said in my feeble Saturday morning 7.00AM voice, he said lets go. WELL LETS GO WAS THE START OF SOMETHINGI HAVE NOT DONE FOR A LEAST 40 YEARS!!!!

We ran down to Bicentennial Oval, now you that know me would be well aware that is the most I have run nearly ever. It was downhill and not so bad, we arrived lined up on the goal line, and then did things I didn’t think I would ever be doing. Sit ups run to the halfway, push ups, run to the halfway, squats, run to the halfway, we did this enough times to have me very close to letting it all out the mouth. Once this was done he( I refuse to call him Michael now) thought the eighteen yard box would serve a good purpose, four people on each corner, twenty sit ups, then crawl to the next corner, twenty sits up, lunges to the next corner, onwards for a full circuit and a bit. Not understanding that I was close to death, the trainer then decided that the wooden structure that the kids play on while watching the dads play football would be a good spot to do dips, yep, dips. I haven’t done these for about thirty seven years, and off we went. I am not sure how long we did these for as I was somewhere else in my mind. All good, finished, but no, lets run back to the studio. Well, most if you would know the road back up towards Willoughby, it’s really steep, it is if you use the main road, but doctor death used the road behind the main road, much steeper, come on Mike, one foot after another, you can do it. I wanted to kill him.  We arrived back at the studio, I was dripping wet, I drove home, arrived home still dripping, had a shower and went to bed.

Day 13

Sunday is walking day, I couldn’t move.

Day 14

Monday is a repeat of the last Monday, we are really into the schedule now. We work out together, and do a X Training class. I was telling Scott what he has to look forward to on Saturday morning, not sure if this effected the way he trained, but he was not on his game this night, it was hard, sure, the big fella was feeling the late Saturday night on the bourbons. That will teach him.

Day 15

Had a really good weight session with Jarred, he tells me I am really working hard etc etc, I bet he says that to all the boys. Did a quick 15 on the fagalar, maybe you ask what is the fagalar, it’s like a cross between a running machine and a skiing machine, quite good fun, but hard.

I have had my second thoughts about all this as well don’t worry. I can understand people starting this sort of thing and chucking it in, but why did you start in the first place, there was a reason, As Nick Conroy said to me this morning, people come in with high blood pressure, overweight etc, and when they hear the cost they think about it, thinking about it may be too late.



Update on 20 August 2013:

Vision Willoughby Weight Loss Challenge – Scott Martin and Mike King

Days 5-8

Day 5 requires you to do an hour of X Training (I will come back to the pain that this is). As football was on this day I was told that the game would be enough training. Seems like they have not seen me play in a while. I played ran around got what was needed to tick the box. It was interesting back at the pub that night. The club put on some beers and food for end of season and I was there with Scott when the pies came out. We looked at each other, I asked him if he was having one, he said no, I couldn’t believe it, but had none either. I did have a few beers, and this proved to be unfortunate for the morning after. Day 6 required an hour’s walk. This would have been fine if it want for Day 5. I woke up at 6.30am and went, no, and again at 7.00 and went, no, and then once more at 7.30, and there was nothing. I went to football that morning with Talika and knew that I still needed to do an hour, and thought I would get it in before Mahlias confirmation, again failed! After Mahlias confirmation we went to the Longie, FAIL! I seek forgiveness from the Vision gods as I have failed you. Back into the big ones day 7, I went and did half an hour cardio, and then one hour of x training. I assume that the x stands for hard, because that what it was, Run by a lovely gentlemen by the name of Dom, one of the many nice PT’s at Vision, it was a very very hard work out. It consisted of boxing, which is bad enough, then a choice of bike, runner or rower then boxing, then sit up, then bike rower or runner then boxing etc etc, for an hour. That done home to a meal.

Just on this, one of the things that Vision do well is the whole package. As you may have read previously, there was a class on fat burning, and my PT, great bloke called Jarred, sorted me out with further eating plans on day 8. He put together a plan that it quite easy to keep to, and matches what I require to get to my goal. It not all lettuce and greens either. They have a very professional way of putting together the perfect package. That done, half an hour of weights and we wait for day 9.

Now I know Mr Martin is a very competitive person, but was surprised by a couple of things he has done. He was spotted training during the day by one of the PT’s and that PT said as much in from on me on Monday night, Scott denied it. Then he went and got on the scales and said he has not lost any weight, that’s impossible Scott. I don’t  mind the cheating, I can understand that you like to get to Vision, but don’t lie mate, it won’t help, I will win.



Update on 19 August 2013:

Vision Willoughby Weight Loss Challenge – Scott Martin and Mike King


The happiest day of all, REST DAY!!!!!!!!!!



Day three was a one hour low intensity walk, I did mine, leaving my place at 6.30 and walking to Blackman Park, using some of the new exercise equipment, and then walking back. What did you do Scott?



Just when you think its gets easier, another day of boxing!. We met at the studio (which is really a nice name for concentration camp) and we were up for another hour punching each other. This was much harder than the day before, as the muscles we were using were the ones we damaged on Day 1. The class was hard!!

We finished off Day 2 with a seminar on eating to lose fat – I assume this was more for Scott than me. I paid attention right up to the time they said beer was not good for you. I heard blah blah blah, all delivered in an expert manner, and then the word salad. Quickly I asked: “If I eat salad it’s ok to drink beer right?” The answer was not no, but the frown from Jason the presenter gave the real answer.

I can say the Vision really gives you all the help you need. The website back end plans all your meals for the month and matches the requirements needed to reach you goal, very professional.


Scott’s Update

The pain continues, those muscles at the front of my thighs burn like the fire in hell every time I try and engage the stairs at work!

Does it get better?

When does relief arrive?

Tell me why is it that every trainer we have, looks at me with the biggest smile? Is it because they like seeing a fat bastard in pain, is it that they are all masochists or is it simply that they all go to bed with a banana in their mouth each night?

I once read a book that indicated some bloke made the earth in 6 days and on the 7th he had a rest.

I am looking forward to the rest day.

Onward Christian soldier.


Update on 13 August 2013:

Vision Willoughby Weight Loss Challenge – Scott Martin and Mike King

It was a phone call out of the blue from Nick Conroy. Now I have known Nick for about ten years, and what he said to me took me back a bit. In his own cheeky manner he said “Hey Kingie, why don’t you and Lardie come and lose some of your fat with Vision Willoughby?”

Intrigued, I  asked him to go on. Nick said: “We would be willing to train you guys for 31 days in return for some publicity”. Myself never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth was in although my friend Mr Martin may need some convincing so we agreed to speak soon.

I approached Scott and discussed the idea with him and to my surprise he was all in. Scott sent a note back to Nick and Jason, both PL players with the club and owners of Vision Willoughby, accepting the challenge:

Nick: Is this a competition if so I want to win.

I am yet to beat that fat bloke Kingie in anything.

King by name King by nature.

I want this to be a medieval dethroning of the King.

So it was game on. Our first visit was Monday night where we were put through what I felt was a very well thought out assessment. It not only looked at the size issues, but covered off on goals, menus, and even took the time to get an idea on personalities to allow you to be best matched to a private trainer. It  was very well thought out, captured everything that was required, and out of it came the training plan.

I won’t share sizes here, but let’s just say that we are trying to lose more body fat than the other in 31 days, we may share the results at the end, and then we may not. But there will be a winner.

Day 1

Boxing at Willoughby Netball courts 6.00am Tuesday morning: When the alarm went off at 5.30am I thought I must be on a flight to Melbourne because that’s the only time I would get up that early. The realization that it was day 1 of 31 then grabbed me and it was off to the netball courts for boxing. En route I came across the Mazda 2 of Scott Martin. We pulled up next to each other, I put down the window and both of us said at the same time: “What the hell are we doing here!?” What transpired is best described in a note sent from Scott to Jason:


SHE is Evil

A smiling assassin

One of Hitler’s storm troopers.

My body and limbs are still shaking like an autumn leaf on a windy day.

Do you have any spare trainers to come into my office today?

I need some help as I am finding it hard to grip my pen after this morning training.

Wow – what a start!

The abdication of the “King”” has begun.

The “she” Scott refers to is Jason’s wife and she did work us hard. I don’t feel a whole lot different than Scott. It was an hour of real enjoyment, if you like pain. At the end we agreed it was good for us and we would continue on to Day 2……………..



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