Injury Policy and Procedure

Chatswood Rangers Insurance Policies


Registration with Chatswood Rangers (and thus with NSNA for the season) includes netball insurance, which covers any injury sustained during Saturday games. It also covers injuries at official training sessions and while travelling to and from both matches and training. Our insurance policy is fairly extensive and it is definitely worth taking advantage of, so please follow the instructions below if you are injured.


If an injury occurs during a Saturday game (or a Monday night game during Night Comp):

  1. Tell your team manager.
  2. Ensure the NSNA First Aid Officer is notified (situated between the bathrooms and the canteen) so that the injury is logged by NSNA.
  3. Email to let them know about your injury and that you’ve notified NSNA.
  4. Fill in an insurance claim form – accessible here:
  5. Send it to so that we can arrange to have an NSNA Executive Member (who was present on the day of the injury) sign it for you.
  6. Send the completed form to Willis Insurance at


If you are not sure if an injury is serious, complete steps 1-3 anyway (as you’ll likely want an ice pack or something from the First Aid Officer regardless) in case it turns out to be worse than expected. Step 2 is a NSNA requirement and they will not sign off on a claim without it.


If an injury occurs outside of a game, email as soon as possible so we can organise alternate procedures.


Please act on a decision to make a claim promptly – this process works much more smoothly when we can organize claims shortly after the injury occurs, rather than weeks or months later when memories are fading and NSNA executives might have changed.


Our netball insurance is provided by Willis Insurance, website You can call or email them directly with questions on 1300945547 or